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Engel & Gray, Inc. has established the “Completing the Cycle Award” to recognize companies and organizations that have demonstrated their commitment to recycle and/or purchase recycled organic material. Recycling, as the word implies, is a cycle. It is comprised of three steps which are represented by the familiar chasing arrows symbol: collection, manufacturing, and purchasing. The team of individuals from these organizations have participated in at least one of these recycling steps.

Conserving our resources means recycling. When it comes to organic resources, often that means Composting, transforming the organics into premium soil and soil amendments. Compost plays an important part in keeping soil healthy. It replenishes nutrients in the soil, increases organic matter, improves water holding capacity, reduces erosion, kills pathogens, and reduces need for chemical fertilizers.

These organizations personify the spirit of Recycling by engaging in projects which are improving the environment, not only for themselves, but for the entire Central Coast. Environmental stewardship, taking care of the land, being a good neighbor are many things company’s take seriously, take pride in, but usually talk very little about. Engel & Gray, Inc. believes these actions deserve public recognition, and would like to encourage others to participate.


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